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a:15:{i:0;s:18:"Action & Adventure";i:1;s:6:"Arcade";i:2;s:6:"Battle";i:3;s:11:"Beat 'Em Up";i:4;s:9:"Detective";i:5;s:11:"Family/Kids";i:6;s:7:"Fantasy";i:7;s:8:"Fighting";i:8;s:16:"Fitness & Health";i:9;s:14:"Hack and Slash";i:10;s:6:"Racing";i:11;s:12:"Role Playing";i:12;s:7:"Shooter";i:13;s:10:"Simulation";i:14;s:6:"Sports";}

Sub-Genre :

a:14:{i:0;s:3:"FPS";i:1;s:3:"War";i:2;s:7:"Fantasy";i:3;s:6:"Sci-Fi";i:4;s:4:"Kids";i:5;s:17:"American Football";i:6;s:3:"Atv";i:7;s:8:"Baseball";i:8;s:10:"Basketball";i:9;s:10:"Car Racing";i:10;s:5:"Dance";i:11;s:4:"Golf";i:12;s:6:"Hockey";i:13;s:6:"Soccer";}

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Platform :

Microsoft Xbox 360

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NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)



Features :

a:5:{i:0;s:14:"Expansion Pack";i:1;s:24:"Game Of The Year Edition";i:2;s:17:"Kinect Compatible";i:3;s:15:"Manual Included";i:4;s:11:"Multiplayer";}

What the Seller Says

Microsoft XBOX 360 games. Assume all games are acceptable condition meaning they are working, but have obvious and sometimes significant wear (scratches, scuffs, etc). All games have been tested and work, all include a case and usually original artwork. Testing includes games running and a few minutes of game play. Because it is impossible to test all games from beginning to end, returns are accepted within 30 days on games that stop working. Some include manuals/inserts, some do not. Discs may have scratches, cases may have stickers/sticker marks or dings and dents. Assume any downloadable content or codes included are already redeemed or expired. Some games may have reprinted artwork. Some games may require a Kinect or be online only. Each item has a picture displaying the actual item you will receive. If the game in the picture is shown inside a case that indicates a blank case or no artwork. Buy 2 items, get 10% off, buy 3 or more items get 15% off. If buying multiple games, to get the discounted price, choose each game from the list and "add to cart", then checkout once you have added all the games you wish. Contact me prior to purchasing 5 or more items for further discountsIf you're unsure of the availability of an item, use the drop down menu. Any item you can select is in stock and the price will be listed as well as the picture of the item. Free shipping via USPS First Class or Priority Mail depending on number of items shipped. Most items purchased before 1PM CST are shipped that day, all others ship the following day. All international shipping is done through Ebay Global Shipping Program. If you have any issues at all with your purchase through one of my listings please contact me before leaving negative or neutral feedback. I want to do my best to make sure everyone who makes a purchase is satisfied.

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